Keeping Disability Benefits

  • Des Moines disability lawyer Many Social Security disability benefit recipients have remarked at the difficulty imposed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in applying for and receiving benefits. For the 65%-plus of applicants who received a denial of their initial application, the process was even more difficult. A Des Moines disability lawyer can attest that while receiving benefits at the outset may be difficult, keeping benefits is far more manageable for the applicant and the SSA is not one to revoke benefits for frivolous, arbitrary or technical reasons.
  • One of the purposes of an extensive, lengthy and complex application process is to assure the SSA that the applicant should be receiving benefits and all aspects of the applicant’s background and history are revealed. Once it is determined that the applicant is eligible for benefits, the SSA will not cease to make payments and the claimant can rely upon those payments each month. Absent an extreme change in circumstances, once a recipient is enrolled in benefits, he or she will be covered by benefits for the extent of the disability.
  • The SSA is also easier to deal with once benefits are secured than they may have been during the application process. However, some benefits recipients report difficulty with the SSA and a Des Moines disability lawyer would offer the following suggestions:
  • 1. Retain all decisions, letters and notices received from the SSA and keep them in an organized file folder.
  • 2. Read all correspondence received from the SSA and if you do not understand a letter, consult your Des Moines disability lawyer.
  • 3. Report all required information to the SSA promptly upon receipt of any request.
  • 4. Do not necessarily rely on information received after calling the SSA’s 1-800 number. Important issues should be discussed at length with a qualified SSA representative in person.
  • If you are facing confusion regarding recent correspondence with the SSA or are worried that the SSA could cease your benefits, contact our offices as soon as possible. We are qualified Des Moines disability lawyers eager to help you with your claim.